Important Changes - [P] Patreon Supporter Permissions


Hi Sam, Hi thedigitalDog, hi everyone else.
Something like the model Ardour uses might work.
Their source is available but you need to pay if you want a ready-made installer. For most people it is too much work to build it themselves so they might buy the installer.
Pair that with the idea of a free Edu-version and you might have a working business-model.


Hi @thedigitalDog and @ildorn,

I totally hear you and respect your views.

However, I am going to try my best to keep Sonic Pi free for everyone. Currently I’m OK financially for a few more months, and I plan to keep on plugging and increasing donations and revenue from gigs, workshops and keynotes.

I’m also very uneasy about restricting MIDI/OSC to a pay-for-pro version as this functionality was contributed by other programmers (Joe Armstrong and Luis Lloret) and it doesn’t seem appropriate to use their wonderful and generous work to levy a fee.

I do plan on making a video tutorial series which will be paid content which will hopefully also add another revenue stream.

However, my current mission is to get on top of the Windows build with my new tablet, and release v3.2 which will fix quite a few bugs and massively improve the accessibility of the system for screen reader software.

Let’s see what happens, and thank-you everyone for your amazing support :slight_smile:


Hi @samaaron and @ildorn and thank you for your answer.
Indeed, paid video tutorials are a good idea; I also understand why you won’t remove the midi implementation.
Could the creation of a foundation, like Processing or Blender did, help sustain the project ?
Anyway yes, let’s see.
All the best everyone. :rofl:


Hi Sam, could develop something to access sonic pi through external keyboard through raspberry gpios would be great option and could sell.