[P] Patreon Supporters - Extra Content

Thank-you for helping to keep Sonic Pi free with your support on the Sonic Pi Patreon Page.

We love the fact that Sonic Pi is free and open source and are working as hard as possible to keep things this way. Sonic Pi’s continued development therefore increasingly relies on the kind generosity of a number of patrons who collectively support Sonic Pi.

As a way of saying thank-you, Patreon supporters will have full read and write access to all the categories that start with [P]. Normal users will only be able to read the contents.

If you see someone in these pages with a badge that looks like this, it’s our way of saying thanks for supporting Sonic Pi:

Thank-you! :smiley:

Please note, if you are unable to financially contribute via Patreon but would still like full access to the site, please let me know. Access may be granted on a per-request basis.