Important Changes - [P] Patreon Supporter Permissions


@Eli - thank-you for your very generous support :slight_smile:


Maybe if you add something next to ’ Sonic Pi is available free for: ’ on the website before the download link. Something like ‘but we really need your support’. Because before I read a little this forum, I did not realize that your situation was serious.


@samaaron I didn’t realise your situation was this serious. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can support you on Patreon at the moment. Is there any other way we can help?

Also, I’ve got a suggestion. I know you are trying to push Patreon, and I totally understand why, but I think that it might be beneficial to the wider community that Support, Help and Resources and Development stay open to everyone:

  • Support, Help and Resources is very useful to anyone who needs some help with their code or is trying to find more resources to learn more about Sonic Pi, how to use it and how to use it’s coding language.
  • I think Development should be open so that it’s open to any developer who wants to help with Sonic Pi development, even if they can’t help monitarily.

But I do understand that the above may not be a great or even feasible suggestion at this moment in time.

I hope that Sonic Pi doesn’t go away, because it’s a great educational and creative tool. I hope it stays free so that the barrier for entry is as low as possible and so that as many people as possible get to use this great software!


At the moment the best ways to help are to either support via patreon or help spread the word about Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

I appreciate your concerns but I should point out that providing help on these forums is where most of my time goes. Given that I release Sonic Pi freely I can no longer also afford to give all of my time freely too. As the number of users grows so does the demand on my time.

If people would like support, there must be a way of providing it in a sustainable manner. One typical way of achieving this is by using the profits from a product to pay for someone to provide support. As I have no profits I have to look for other means.


Great idea! I’ve given it a try :slight_smile:


I did the thing! I certainly spread the word about Sonic Pi but if there’s anything more I can offer, please let me know.


Thank-you for your support :slight_smile:


Hey Sam…

Have you considered a Kickstarter ? You already have a working product on several platforms… you could
make goals match putting new facities in… or make the whole KS about coding 3.2…

Just a thought.



as far as education goals: something like, How is Sonic Pi built, could be interesting, since it’s a different stack than a lot of other software. a lot of learning things these days seem to be focused either on the browser or on machine learning. but maybe demonstrations of actual, hands-on concurrency issues, and how to deal with them, presented in an understandable and entertaining way is not really something you find in much other educational material

maybe that’s kind of advanced material… but another thing for education purposes, there might be some distance from coding music to what someone might need to do the first time they try, or are asked to write a program, like for work purposes. like they might need to open a file, read the contents, and do something with it. maybe if sonic pi can be the basis for doing some scripting kind of tasks with ruby, then that might help bridge that practical side of the “learn how to code” audience.

getting people past the ‘terminal and a blank text file’ roadblock is pretty hard, but a lot of non-programmers wind up using lua in Roblox or other games, or VBA, or javascript in Photoshop, just to modify something or get something done. but a lot of learning material seems to push towards software engineering-style programming rather than compact practical tasks. but ruby is pretty good for compact, practical tasks, so maybe that’s an education segment that’s underserved


That’s actually an awesome idea. What if we have a Kickstarter campaign run by @samaaron and the tiers of prizes include free copies of original user created songs. That way even for those of us who don’t have money to support you, we can instead support you by submitting a song/album. Not only that but it’s good publicity for everyone involved. The musicians become more well known and Sam gets what he needs.

I’d be down for composing new tracks to share for this! And I think the community has enough of a following that the word about this campaign should spread quickly and no doubt be a success.

The way I see it Patreon is only targeting the existing audience. This would target both the existing audience and a new audience. It would also give the existing audience a reward for their money put in, which may entice them to pay up.


Hi all, I love this project and I will be helping as much as I can. Not sure if @samaaron is currently doing this, but since we are brainstorming, maybe a paid online course on “advanced live coding” could be a way to get some resources. Maybe it is a horrible idea, it is just something that came to my mind.


Also a great idea. We could even get community members to create lessons showing their own style and approach.



Annual Fundraiser, like the Internet Archive - put a banner at the top of every site you maintain for the period of the fundraiser and create a static page that explains what you are up against (for the months you are not heavily fundraising) Donation levels can have all sorts of perks.

Check out this page: They clearly define what they do and why support is needed plus give every available option to donate.

Advertising on Forum preferably companies that are music/code related. Ex. Sample Pack Company, Ableton, etc.