I am .... Juzbo

I run my own business and get to program Erlang and Python for a living, lucky me :slight_smile:

I wanted a Fairlight as a kid but they were a bit outside what a 7 year old (and his mum and dad) could afford :frowning:

Musically I love this and this and this, you get the idea.

Dunno how I fell into live coding. I think I discovered SuperCollider, but it’s simply too austere for practical use. Tidal feels like two steps forward but one step back - I just don’t feel comfortable with the DSL, I think that’s because it’s optimised for a style of music that’s orthogonal to the stuff I like.

So SP is interesting because it’s accessible. That is, you get the ability to experiment with your own SuperCollider sounds, own DSL, own hardware; which is what I suspect you need to generate the EDM style stuff I like. We shall see, I’m just starting the journey.

I think the SP internals should probably be written in Erlang and keep the Ruby for the UI only, but hey. Sam has invested a ton of time and built something very interesting (and playable) so who am I to complain. I’m a Patron because I want to see how far he can take it.

I love Sunvox. It’s a tiny, free synth written by a guy in Ekaterinburg Russia. It works on every possible platform you can mention. It sounds awesome and you can do amazing things with it.

Unfortunately building stuff in Sunvox is likely working with assembler, or at least Excel. Not nice. My dream (lol) is that @nightradio adds an OSC interface to it; but for the moment Midi (supported) will do.

I bought one of these, also awesome -

I don’t think I’ve got the best out of it yet. Fiddly to program. CV-to-midi converter on the way so can link to SP :slight_smile:

That’s all. Happy to help out on the Erlang side if Joe Armstring is, ahem, unavailable @samaaron

Welcome to our community! :slight_smile: