Hi, this is Victor

Hi fellow musician geeks!

My name is Victor, 34 yo, from Girona (Spain).

Full-time computer engineer full-time and wannabe jazz guitarist, I love to hang out with local self-organized geek groups.

I discovered Sonic Pi a couple years ago in a digital art exhibition and I was truly amazed!

A couple months ago I started a personal pet project using sonic pi and opencv image recognition. The idea is to build an interactive art installation where kids and adults alike will be able to have some fun creating algorithmic music using only their bodies.

The plan is to release all the development as open source on github, as soon as I exhibit it publicly in a local digital art fest this summer



Hi Victor
This sounds a great project.
Welcome to in-thread. We look forward to you sharing more of the project in the future.

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Welcome Victor :slight_smile:

It’s great to have you here and I really look forward to hearing more about your project. Thanks also for sharing the source, this will provide a resource that I’m sure will be useful to a number of other people.

I hope you have a lovely time here with our community. Happy live coding!

Thx so much for the warm welcome @robin.newman and @samaaron !!

Late this month I’m giving an introductory Sonic Pi speech in a local tech-edu event http://gitech.cat
We expect a broad audience, from high-school kids to professional developers, so any tips/ideas on what to show will be much appreciated :))

Thanks to my python background, I’m in love with jupyter notebooks. Besides being a great way to share code and explanations (using markdown text format), it’s great for generating slideshows as well.

For that purpose I’ve created a small code to execute Sonic Pi inside jupyter notebooks cells. Please check it on github, I hope you find this useful! https://github.com/victormartingarcia/sonicpi-jupyter-notebook

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