Hi! My name is Harry and I'm new to Sonic Pi

Hi, I’m Harry. I’m a newbie to sonic pi, but I’m loving it.
I’m a lifelong musician, with a long history of playing multiple instruments in multiple genres. I first learned piano as a kid, then taught myself bass & guitar.
Now I’m in my 60s, and getting arthritis in my hands, so most of the music I do is computer-based. I’m really into mpe controllers like the Linnstrument and Erae Touch – I’m just getting a new Striso!
Me and my buddy Ed make instrumental music under the moniker Symphodelic Psychestra:

I also have my own youtube channel with a couple of tunes:

By day I’m a psychotherapist (which is probably my fourth or fifth career. I’m approaching retirement, and looking forward to spending more time making music, and making music tools.
I’m currently building a software clone of the Samchillian in Reaktor, which I plan to upload to the community site when it’s done. (If you don’t know what it is, google it and follow me down the rabbit hole!)
I’m also into recumbent bikes.
This is such a friendly community. I’ve gotten so much help already.
Thanks for making me welcome!


hello Harry Welcome to the community of sonic pi; exciting musical journey and the way you are adjusting to digital music. Sonic pi is a good music making tool; I hope you will combine the sonic pi in interesting ways as well.