Hi i'm trey just introducing my self :)

hi everyone, i’m trey from the uk and i’m a totally blind electronic musician making techno and grime with a mac lots of hardware and now sonic pie :slight_smile:

i’m hoping to use sonic pie to do genritive music with my hardware. i lookforward to being a part of the sonic pie cru and making wicked tunes with sonic pie! :slight_smile: i’ll poste up my first propper questions in a bit, but in the mean time feel free to ask me any questions here i lookforward to talking with you all respect from trey :slight_smile:


Welcome, Trey! Sonic Pi Grime sounds like an awesome thing. Look forward to hearing your beats

Hey everyone,

I’d love you to extend perhaps an even warmer welcome than is typically customary to @soundwarrior. He is helping us in a big way to make Sonic Pi more accessible which is amazing. Thanks Trey!

I agree with @Joe - I’m really looking forward to hearing some live coded Grime!

thanks for the replys everyone :slight_smile: sonic pi’s wicked!

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Glad you’re enjoying it Trey, welcome! - and huge thanks, for what I am sure has been very valuable assistance towards improving Sonic Pi’s accessibility.
I’d love to hear about the hardware you’ve been using to make music.