Greetings from az

Hello everyone, I finally got my email to work and join up. I’m a software engineer by trade but a musician at heart. I saw Sam’s Ted talk around 6 months ago and have been working on building a musical performance system using 2 Pi’s using direct connect ethernet. The idea was to have sort of a one man band setup with a wisecracking computer doing commentary on a screen that could be driven through footswitches. I’ve made a few covers and a few original compositions. I’m hoping to get my cover of “Good” (better than ezra) up on youtube this month as it’s sounding good, no pun intended. Anyway, big fan of Sonic Pi with big dreams as well. :slight_smile:


Welcome smug. Look forward to hearing some of your work.

A warm welcome to our community :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing you start to realise some of your big dreams!