Hi, I'm Seb aka Zbdm


I’m Sebastien from Strasbourg (France). I play rock guitar for 20 years in several bands.
I have a solo electro side project based on bended toys called Zbdm (Zuper Disto Bending Music).
So I started livecoding and sonicpi 2 months ago because I needed a host to make these toys alive and it’s fantastic.
I work with sonicpi 3.1 under Linux and Windows and find this community very usefull.

I’m part of a small group in my city that meets weekly to code together with Sonicpi. So if someone lives nearby, welcome.


Hi @zbdm,

welcome to the Sonic Pi community! It’s great to see another guitarist here - I’m sure there’s a lot of valuable experience you can share with us here. Also great to hear about Zbdm - I’m really looking forward to hearing more about how you use Sonic Pi to control these ‘toys’ :slight_smile:

Finally, thank-you so much for being involved with a local Sonic Pi meet up group in Strasbourg. How many of you are there? Is there anything that we can do to support you?

Hi Sam & Sebastien. I’m also Sébastien aka svdk. We started this group about a year ago in a local pub “the Elastic Bar” in Strasbourg. There are about 10 people gravitating around the workshop some coming every week some just coming one time to discover live coding. It’s mostly about sonic pi even though there is some supercollider and some circuit bending, realtime visuals involved.
We’re having a blast every week jamming and experimenting with sonic pi.

Not sure how you can support us but let’s stay in touch ! Or come visit us :slight_smile:
I just created a facebook group “live coding Sxb” https://www.facebook.com/events/197308004328588/?event_time_id=197308024328586

Thanks for everything !