Hi from Rugby: Sonic-pi + arduino + rpi + some homebuild hardware = 4 year old's theremin music box

Hello to the sonic-pi community!
I’ve come across sonic-pi whilst looking at ways to create a theremin inspired music box for my 4 year old grandson. SO the music box has to be very easy to use, totally reliable, built to be indestructable, portable and really fun to play with.
Sonic-pi has so many powerful directions of travel I am currently like a kid in a sweetshop of exciting possibilities, finding my way out is also taking me on a great journey through music theory about which I know nothing!
A big thanks to everyone for all the work and ideas they have shared especially Sam Aaron for his inspired creation of sonic-pi.

Hi Loz,

Always nice to see a new face. Welcome to the forums.

I seem to remember other people posting on theremins,
possibly Robin (Newman), so there should be plenty of
help available.

Though I’m not sure anything can be described as
‘indestructable’ when a 4 year old is concerned. :slight_smile: