Hello from Ben Davis - Portland, OR

Hello everyone. I’ve been designing and programming eurorack modules for the past few years. I’ve been looking for new ways to perform live lately. I’ve looked at a few things like Beads, ChucK, TidalCycles and not gotten along with them 100%. Seeing some of the things Sonic Pi is capable of makes me hopeful that I’ll stick with it and be performing with it very soon. I’ve been able to do some pretty crazy stuff just messing around so far. I can’t wait to explore it further and see where this goes.


Hi Ben! Welcome - great to have you along. Definitely keep exploring it!
Would be interesting to hear some of the ‘pretty crazy stuff’ you’ve come up with too if you ever feel like sharing :smiley:

Is this Ben previously from Carrboro, then Detroit? If so, saw you perform in Carrboro. If not, never mind.

It’s me :). Glad to see you here!

Portland is one of my favorite places. I am jealous. My only jump into modular has been a Korg Volca Modular. I would love a Buchla music easel. Buchla has been at Moogfest the past 2 years. I think I’m looking for more of an instrument with which I can become familiar. Some of the modular vendors are doing that…Kilpatrick has it’s Phenol and Pittsburgh has it’s Lifeforms (though I’m not too crazy about the grid of jacks at the bottom).