Late Introduction - Jon

Hi all,
My name is Jon, and I’m from Norway. I am not a musician, nor do I write actual music. My interest is sound and the generation of sound in general, so soundscapes and ambient stuff could perhaps be my scope. I am a developer & coder in my day-to-day work, so Sonic Pi is for me a nice way to combine trade and hobby. Currently I mostly use SP as an advanced MIDI-sequencer for my hardware synths. But I own a modest Eurorack setup, and also have fun creating sound algorithms in Sonic Pi and then trying to replicate them with my Eurorack system. Sometime in the future maybe I’ll be able to create a full ambient suite :slight_smile:



Welcome Jon!

It’s great that you’re exploring the combination of Sonic Pi and Eurorack. I’d absolutely love to know what’s working and also not working for you with this combination. I would really like to make the marriage of algorithms and analogue synths as harmonious and fluent as possible.