Happy to be a contributing patron

It’s hard understate what Sonic-Pi could mean to those who are inclined towards programming and math but think they’re musically-inept. I’m in that camp. I’ve loved the sound of synths since I heard Kraftwerk as a kid in the 70’s. Keith Emerson (RIP) was a hero to me.

But I have been frustrated with traditional computer-based approaches to expressive creativity. I really tried to make something interesting with VCVRack, Helm and VST-in-DAWs, but Sonic-pi fits my personality so much better, as I am sure it does others.

With the purpose-built contextual IDE, I’ve had more creative satisfaction and success in a week than I’ve had in months with so many VSTs in Reaper. And I’ve just scratched the tip of the iceberg. I’m more than happy to be a contributing patron.


That’s so lovely to hear, @dranz. We’ve tried hard to keep the pathway to self-expression and creativity as simple as possible - regardless of experience with programming or music theory. It’s always nice to know that it makes a real difference now and then :slight_smile:

I’m sure lots of folks would enjoy hearing about what you may get up to with Sonic Pi some time, if you are willing :slight_smile:

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Certainly. Now to start the learning process :slightly_smiling_face: