Generator Symposium & Event // September 30 // OPEN CALL

Hi everyone!

I’m helping coordinate an event focused on generative and algorithmic music and visual arts happening in Israel on September 30, 2020 :smiley:

The live coding community in Israel is very small, last year I started a Toplap node here in the hopes to connect our small community to the wider international community of live coders. The event will be the first of it’s kind here in Israel and organized by another small community called Generator, focused on generative arts.

The event will be networked (and possibly also live, depending on the conditions) and we are accepting project submissions for performances as well as for talks!

Artists and speakers have until August 12 to submit a project or talk.

You can read all the details by reading the Open Call for artists.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to me! I’m super happy to answer questions and would love to see cool Sonic Pi projects at the event :partying_face: :heart_decoration:


I’m toying with an idea for something that I can use in a potential performance for this :grinning: Will see how I go at getting a proof of concept working in time for the submission deadline :slight_smile:

(and I too think it would be awesome to see a bunch of Sonic Pi projects or talks at this. Hint hint everyone! :wink: )

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I am thinking about preparing a live coding presentation. Not sure yet but I have the deadline in mind.

@EarthToAbigail: Out of interest: What platform will be used for broadcasting a live coding? What will be necessary for presentation? Do you have an idea?

That’s awesome @ethancrawford :smiley: I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with :slight_smile:

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Hi @Martin, we are still toying with a few options for the streaming side of the event. We’re aiming to find something that’s very easy for everyone so we might decide to simply use YouTube and do something similar to the Equinox festival that happened last March. But we still have a few other alternatives in mind we want to explore before taking a final decision :slight_smile:

On your side, whatever platform we choose for streaming shouldn’t affect your setup at home. I use OBS as streaming software and a Scarlett 4i4 soundcard if I want to connect a microphone or instrument. It’s a pretty basic setup but it’s been working pretty well for me for my streamed performances.

Let me know if you have any more questions, about the setup or anything else :slight_smile:

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