Folding Code blocks in Scintilla, can we add the script to source code?

Hi guys,
i just came thru the Scintila documentation and found this:

it seems that we could add the blocks folding without too much pain… is there any other alternative ?

In the past, @samaaron has said that he is not a fan of the idea of block folding in Sonic Pi. I’ll let him comment on whether this is still the case…

ok, anyway, i did write to Sam, so i can wait his answer regarding the GUI dev.

i should also mention, that there is an other tool, useful for programmers or children, it is the line-marker that can be recalled by hiting the numerical keys… like most of the code editors :wink:

i do understand that the goal is to keep it very simple, but adding the basic coding tools is necessary for most of our students that have worked on other text editors…