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First of all, I am new here; if this isn’t the right area for this content, please let me know. Also, if this question has already been answered, please refer me to the correct resource.

I was able to review the documentation for FM synthesis, but I don’t think I am clear on how to work with it in Sonic Pi. Can someone explain it to me? It looks like FM synthesis works by taking multiple operators and feeding the output of one operator to the input of another. How does that translate in Sonic Pi?


I think you might want to look into SuperCollider, Sonic Pi uses synths made in SuperCollider. Sonic Pi is for playing with synths and samples, SuperCollider is for sound synthesis.

I don’t know if you can write your own synths in SuperCollider and use them in Sonic Pi but there should be a way to do so.

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If you adhere to certain conventions, the synths you design in SuperCollider can be used in Sonic Pi. There’s a guide in the Sonic Pi repo, and you can also look at the other synths for guidance.

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Thanks for clarifying. I’ll start learning how to use Super Collider.