Custom FX and Super Collider

I understand that each synthesizer included in Sonic Pi was created in Super Collider. Is the same also true of FX? Can custom FX be created in Super Collider and used in Sonic Pi?

Hi, technically FX are not much different from synths. Synths have some oscillator(s) somewhere and then transform the signal and output it. FX take an input signal, transform it, and output it. The core dev team can probably say it better, but I believe it is desired to do new synth / FX development directly with Supercollider. However, as far as synthdefs are concerned, you can see Sonic Pi’s Overtone heritage: Most of the synths and FX currently shipped with Sonic Pi releases are defined with Overtone.

You can find the Overtone synth / FX source files here, and here are the Supercollider ones. It is perfectly possilble (and encouraged) to add new ones and even submit a PR for them on GitHub. There’ll be a bit of boilerplate, though, since you need the corresponding development tools.

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