Actual "oscillator" class?

I know that Sonic Pi has synths that generate basic waveshapes, but those still have an ADSR envelope on their amplitude. It might be cool if there was a class of simple oscillators (or at least an “indefinite hold” function on the synths) so that the user could define their own synths by routing them through filters and FX…

I can’t say for sure, but my guess is it’s unlikely we’ll remove the need for synths to have a built in envelope.

Having said that, for being able to define your own synths that have filters and fx in them, you can still right now either create a SynthDef, or nest various of the existing synths and fx together, with sleeps or control slides in between.

We’re thinking about ways to make that second method a bit easier to reuse, by allowing those ‘custom synths’ created by nesting existing synths together to be defined and reused easily with the synth function :slightly_smiling_face:

There are also ideas on our wishlist to allow modulation of synth or fx opts with a waveform:

Does any of this go some way towards addressing your interests?

Btw, I/we am/are still keen to include a SynthDef based on FRAM in Sonic Pi :slightly_smiling_face: are you still interested in working with us on that? :grinning:

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Oh, absolutely! And sorry I haven’t been terribly active lately, there’s been a lot going on in my life lately (my mom just got back from the hospital) so I haven’t been able to check these threads as often.

And yeah, anything going towards the ability to write your own SynthDefs is exactly what I’m into :smiley:

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FormantTable | SuperCollider 3.12.0 Help Speaking of FRAM, this looks pretty useful :thinking:

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Oh! I hope she’s doing ok. No worries, life is definitely busy sometimes.

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She’s recovering about as well as a woman in her late 60s who just had major surgery possibly can! She’s a teacher so she’s back to grading assignments and stuff, but right now she can’t really be as active as she used to so she needs my dad and I to help around the house. I’ve also been taking some community college programming classes online to sharpen my coding skills. It’s fascinating what can be done in the browser alone nowadays–once I figure out how to get Tone.js to work, I am going to have FUN with that :smiley: