Dark/industrial ambient and noisy experiments


I’m from Montpellier (France) and discovered Sonic Pi a few months ago. Of course, I fell in love with it =)
The best way I found to learn it was to compose immediately some… sonic things :smiley: and I ended up starting a bandcamp account. Several first albums are between ambient and noise tracks. The last one, “Tour de Pi”, is essentially ambient (and thus easier to listen to).

That’s happening here: https://enkid0.bandcamp.com/

I also started later a duo with a polish musician, and we produced an album called “NóvDuo Electrophyżique”:

In each case, the code I used is included in the lyrics (in the duo it’s only the base layer of the tracks).

Comments are welcome, of course.
See you around!


welcome @enkid0 ! ou plutôt bienvenue ! Je suis personnellement de Cherbourg (France).
Good job and i really appreciate the atmosphere (atmosphère, atmosphère est-ce que j’ai une tête d’atmosphère) and the title of your tracks Roitelet se promenant sous la lune.

and thanks to share the code !

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Love the photos. Listening to Tour de Pi now.

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I would enjoy learning about your composition techniques. Enjoying the albums.


This is such a great EP! Well done!
couldn’t find the code, I would love to study it if possible

The code is available for most tracks, in their lyrics section.

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