Dark Ambience with Comments-as-Poetry

So I got this idea of writing poetry in the comments while making music with sonic pi. I figured it would work well with ambient music, since it’s slow enough to facilitate that. Let me know what you think of it. What i wrote isn’t particularly interesting, but I think it has potential.


This is beautiful - thank-you so much for sharing it with us all :slight_smile:

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This is very interesting. I’m spending this afternoon for preparing to do a combination/crossover between live coding and poetry tomorrow morning. But, I must admit, that apart from combing both live coding and poetry, what I’m planning to do doesn’t resemble what you’re doing at all. But, it was very interesting to see the synchronicity. :slight_smile:

this is really beautiful, performing poetry between lines of codes, I think its adding some kind of unexpected intimacy to watching the coding process, and it works perfectly with the ambient :slight_smile:

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