Cool 16th century music in Sonic Pi

I really enjoy arranging “old” 16th century music for Sonic Pi. In this example by Giovanni Gabrieli 8 parts are arranged in two groups of 4 which pass the musical ideas between each other. Slow and quick sections alternate, with some intricate rhythms at times.
The piece was processed from a midi file using a processing script for each part, and some minor edits to get it to work. It uses two synths :tri and :pulse and makes use of the :pan control to position the parts in the stereo spectrum. The amp of the different parts are adjusted to match them, and some reverb is applied to the whole.
You can hear it at the link below and download the code here


Hi Robin,

I am not particularly experienced with renditions of Renaissance music but 1. it sounds to me very natural! A fine work you did. 2. It made me aquainted with Gabrieli. Thanks for that!

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