Gabrielli Canzon for 8 parts played by Sonic Pi

Just finished watching England v Ukraine, and felt the urge to publish a Sonic Pi
piece. So here is Gabrielli’s Canzon Per Sonar Septimi Toni á 8 recoded from a midi file to Sonic Pi Format.

Code link is here

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hi Robin, awesome code !
just wondering, did you find any other technique to build your sequence ? looks pretty long to write…
anyway, nice work mate !

did you make new ones ?

Hi @uriel I have used a processing script extensively for the conversion. It has some limitations and short comings, but it is possible to work around these, and it has saved me a lot of time. see this link, (which contains a link to my article about this) which also contains an alternative script (also with some limitations) which I have also used.

I generally work with MuscScore 3 load midi files in there, edit them as necessary to produce individual parts which I then export and convert to DP format. The more you do the easier and quicker it becomes!

I publish the majority of these with the code on soundcloud. I have several sites there. Search soundcloud using substituting
rbnman, scrbn, scrbnmac, sc3rbnman, rbnsonicpi in turn for the xxx

Thank you Robin, very interesting blog ! i will be back to you in some times, to get more details on the RSP-PI and the use of sonic pi for performances…
thank for the links… have a nice day