Blue Danube waltz for Sonic Pi

Listened to the Vienna New Year’s Concert
Neujahrskonzert der Wiener Philharmoniker from the MusikVerein
and thought it was about time I did the Blue Danube waltz on Sonic PI, so here it is

code is here


Great Robin! a new “tour de force”! bravo! :smile:

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Hello, I really admire your implementation. Is it possible to use your work as an example for an academical presentation in computer science? Of course with proper reference to your work. Thank you in advance!

Yes no problem with that at all.
Be aware of two points. First this one of a genre of files in which I have started with an existing midi file and used techniques to convert it to sonic-pi exececutable code.
Credit for the original producer of the midi file is included at the top of my script together with the copyright waiver info included with that file.
In this particular case I then add adjustments for levels and pan settings, synth choice and some effects settings.

A long time ago I produced some articles about the script I use for the conversion. There is also quite a lot of tweaking required to amend the original midi parts to allow for restraints to make the script work, a lot of these have arisen from experience s in using the script. You need to eliminate dual voices in each part, write out sequences of whole bar rests as individual bar duration rests, deal with problems with tied notes, particularly if there are tied chords. Also there can be problems with tempo changes, which will only work for Sonic Pi if they all occur at the same time for each part, which is not true for midi files.
The work is done using MuseScore version 3, a Processing script, and a good editor (I use Visual Studio Code editor) to achieve the end result.

Thank you very much! That was really helpful. I will look after the references you mantioned to make sure I cite them right. I am happy to have the opportunity to use such an cool example!