Pase el Agoa 16th Century piece

This piece is from an anonymous 16th century manuscript in the Spanish Cancionero_de_Palacio in Madrid. I have coded for Sonic Pi it from a midi file. It took quite a time, mainly to get the lute (guitar) part right, with its spread chords, also to balance the different parts. I had to split it into 4 tracks, and apply some compression to get it sounding reasonable. I love the cross rhythms in this early piece. I decided to keeps within Sonic Pi using internal synths, but I may also look at using external synths to get a more “period” sound.

code is on my gist site. There are a lot of individual rests in several of the parts, due to the way my conversion script works. I could amalgamate them into smaller mega rests, but life is too short… There are also a lot of quick tempo changes to accommodate.


This is a wonderful piece, and your instrumentation is excellent! I’d never have thought someone could get genuine Renaissance vibes out of these instruments, but there you have it. I guess aside from the harpsichord being rendered on a piano and the winds sounding like organs (which is still very period imo), this is a fairly convincing rendition.