Bach Allabreve BWV589 played by Sonic Pi

I heard this organ piece at a local concert last weekend and thought it would sound nice coded for Sonic Pi so here it is.


Nice … You must have more patience
than a hospital …<|:^))

Beautiful. But, code or it doesn’t exist :slight_smile:

I’ve added a gist containing the code here

Many thanks. This is fantastic and I have enjoyed it so much

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Lovely. Subtle, tasteful work with the tempo changes!

absolutly great! Bach with SonicPi, it works very well! :grinning:

I’ve done lots more Bach: organ music, harpsichord concerto, brandenburg concertos etc. his music suits Sonic Pi very well.
Search topic list for Bach to see some.

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Ok Robin it’s really fantastic and sounds so good! Did you try with others classical composers? I am musicologist so it is interesting me a lot…

Yes I’ve tried a lot of composers. Mozart Requiem (complete) quite a bit of Gabrieli, Byrd and other early composers. Revel, Debussy, Monteverdi to mention a few. Several are on in-thread if you search my posts. Many are published on my sites there are: (add after

Many of the pieces have links to a gist site with the code. (Warning: some of the earlier pieces will need updating to work on latest Sonic Pi as they were written for SP2 and SP3)

Others are featured on


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I heard some of them ans it’s absolutly fantastic what you did!! Bravo!! :grinning: