Sonic Pi plays Complete Bach Brandenburg no 5

EDIT Complete Brandenburg video now available see end of this post.

Previously I have coded Brandenburg Concertos 2,4 and 6 for Sonic Pi. I have so far avoided Brandenburg no 5 because of its fearsome harpsichord part. I decided to give it a go, and had to split the harpsichord part up into 8 different parts to accommodate all the notes. I also decided to export these as midi parts (8 channels) to the free VMPK (Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard) app which then drives Fluid Synth with the harpsichord voice selected. The resultant audio was fed back to Sonic Pi on my Mac using Amoeba’s Loopback utility. There I applied a little reverb. The remaining parts (Flute, Solo Violin and strings) were rendered using Sonic Pi’s :tri and :blade synths. These parts were delayed by 0.05 beats (determined by experiment) to allow for the slight latency of the midi->VMPK->FluiSynth-> Sonic Pi path.
The whole movement lasts about 10.5 minutes so it is not a small file! and it requires to be played using the run_file command. The file is 141k long.

I am also working on the other two movements of the concerto.

Video of Sonic Pi playing complete Brandenburg now available


Simply awesome Robin. I’ve seen and listened to a number of your “experiments” with Sonic Pi and you certainly push the boundaries! Very inspirational (and educational) to say the least. Kudos! :slightly_smiling_face: