Two small Bach Fugues

Suffering from Bach withdrawal symptoms, so I coded these two small Bach Fugues for Sonic Pi this evening from an arrangement for string trio by Alexandre Evstyugov-Babaev taken from J. S. Bach — Two little fugues for string trio Sheet music for Violin, Viola, Cello (String Trio) | copyright Attribution, Share Alike

code is here


Great job once more time! :hugs:

Love it! As well as being cheered up by the music, I also really appreciate seeing the code and how this is achieved.

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Woohoo! Beautiful. Glad I got to see the coding method in action that you mentioned a while back. Debugging the lists must be a hell of thing! Or maybe you’re a very careful typer. But the conciseness is remarkable.

Actually I prepare initially using MuseScore version 3 I separate the parts and do a little bit of bodging. Eg I have to use tests equal to actual bar length rather than just a bar rest, and my method can’t cope with chords tied together or single note tied of more than two notes. I export the parts as musicxml files then run a Processing script to convert them to sonic pi format. I can then reinsert ties if necessary. It gets quite quick after a bit of practice.

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Good job @robin.newman

Everyone will have recognized the beginning of Enola Gay Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (aka OMD) no?