Chess for Sonic Pi (And Novation Launchpad)

Next game finished! :partying_face: This one is a “sonic chess” for Sonic Pi and Novation Launchpad Mini:

Video shows the fastest known check mate, but it actually has all the rules implemented including castling, en passant, etc. You can also live code music based on the board positions by modifying the music live loop on the fly. :slight_smile:

Check out the collection of mini games including the chess from github.


This is such a fun idea.

Really nicely done.

I kinda wanted a Launchpad cause I love making jams with the Launchpad app but now it seems like there are even more possibilities :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing!

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This is fantastic! I love how it shows the trajectory of each piece. Great work!

Thanks! I originally bought launchpad after realizing that you could use colors to represent probabilities in a markov matrix:

… but got bit sidetracked along the way :slight_smile:

Glad you like it! That really makes it playable, as it would bit too abstract without those trajectories. I’m also planning to make some simple AI version … negamax doesn’t seem too complex to implement.

Also if any of you have or gets Launchpad after this it would be nice to hear what kind of game music you would make :slight_smile:

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