Can't execute the .deb download

I downloaded the app onto my Raspberry Pi 400. Trying to install the downloaded .deb file, I get an error message: “Failed to install file. A package could not be found that allows the action to complete.”

one or two reasons why this might happen. First the .deb file is a binary package and it will only work with a recent version of RaspberryPi OS. If yours is old and not updated this may be the problem, and you should upgrade the OS.
Secondly, as it pulls in extra pacakges during installation you must be connected to the internet when you install the package by double clicking on its icon, and entering your password when prompted.

If you still have problems let me know you get when you type the following in a terminal window.

cat /etc/os-release

and when you type

uname -a

also which version of the deb file you are trying to install.

Note the latest release Sonic Pi 4.4 is ONLY available for the 64 bit version of the Raspberry Pi OS latest version. Sonic Pi 4.3 is available for either 32 or 64 bit versions, but make sure you use the correct .deb file for the OS version you have installed on your Pi400.

I’ve had that happen then try again and it works .
Maybe servers at that end max out ?