Build on ubuntu 19.10

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I am working on Ubuntu 19.10
I am working my way through the spi build script posted by @mrvanes following the general path of the above discussion.
I had to install bundler and cmake
Also change (possibly inappropriately) line 153 from

cp -f ruby_help.tmpl ruby_help.h


cp -f utils/ruby_help.tmpl ruby_help.h

There do not seem to be any important errors en route until I reach the very last line ‘make’ which fails immediately

Some of the required modules (macos) are not available.

Could anyone guide me the way forward?
Thanks for any help

One thing Ihink the copy of utils/ruby_help.tmpl line should be

cp -f utils/ruby_help.tmpl utils/ruby_help.h

both files should be in the utils folder. The command intialiases ruby_help.h file which is then built by the i18n_tool.rb script and the result is used in building the held docs by the qt-docs.rb -o utils/ruby_help.h command. Both of these are contained within the script.
I did have a brief look at ubuntu 19.10 a couple of days ago and like you could the final stage of the build required some missing packages, but I havent tracked these down yet. By the way, the need for bundler is because of very recent changes in the script to build the sonic -pi vendor extensions. This has happened in commits AFTER the official release tag for version 2.3.0. If you use the latet image from github and don’t checkout -v3.2.0 then you will find this on other builds as well.

I left 19.10 at that point, and moved on to try a build on Debian 10.3 which ws successful.

I eventually got a build to work on Ubuntu 19.10 It was failing whilst doing the final compile of the help files qrc_help_files.cpp It turned out that the problem was a lack of memory. I had a virtual install with 4Gb allocated. I raised this to 8Gb and it built OK. It may be that changing swap file size would also do the job but I didn’t try that.