Build Error on Ubuntu 18.10


Hey, i get this error when compiling SonicPi,
here a screenshot:

Any ideas how i can solve this? (i am a total ruby noob).


I installed Arch now, so never mind


Hey, I see you solved your problem with Arch, but I did just find a solution to this hurdle on Ubuntu Studio 18.10 that I wanted to share with anyone else trying to install.

Everything seems to work in the 18-04 script except rugged, the issue above.
rugged can be installed with:
sudo gem install rugged

From here we need to do two things, copy the gem that was just downloaded to the location where sonic pi build is looking for it, and change the version number in a script.

I got the following from :

“If you have issues with rugged, try installing it via. gem install rugged, and copy the rugged folder to the appropriate place in the sonic pi folder using cd /sonic-pi-folder/app/gui/qt & cp -a "/var/lib/gems/2.3.0/gems/rugged-0.26.0/." "../../server/ruby/vendor/rugged-0.26.0/" (replace sonic-pi-folder with the path to the sonic pi source folder).”

You’ll have version 0.27.7 installed instead, so you’ll need to amend the above slightly. I had gems under 2.5.0 instead of 2.3.0. Altogether, my own command to copy was:

cd ~/spibuild/app/gui/qt & cp -a "/var/lib/gems/2.5.0/gems/rugged-0.27.7/." "../../server/ruby/vendor/rugged-0.27.7/"

Now we need to tell the compile extensions script that we have a different version of rugged. According to the build script, this file is …/…/server/ruby/bin/compile-extensions.rb

Open it in an editor, 4th line down for makes reference to rugged 0.26.0. Just change that to 0.27.7 and save.

go back and run the ubuntu 18.04 build script and it should work now.

For reference, I did not do any cleanup before I rebuilt it after my fail. If it’s failing on you and you do the above, just run the build script again and you won’t have to wait for any modules to build except the final app.

This version works a treat with MIDI! I’m so stoked!