Anyone have experience presenting Sonic Pi to Other Programmers?

So, my company has been asking for new topics for people to do training seminars on. I brought it up at my last review that I wouldn’t mind doing a presentation on something like Sonic Pi, to try and get people interested in coding things outside of enterprise systems.

It would be a seminar to all the developers for the contracting company I work for.

I had an idea for a basic 15-20 minute presentation explaining the concepts of live-coding, a brief overview on Sonicpi, and breifly touching on other programs like SuperCollider, Tidal, etc, to show there are other languages, so you can find one you are comfortable with. Then after, do a more hands-on part with Sonic Pi where I break down from simple play-sleeps, to my vaporwave sampling stuff, to full on arrangements like my Halloween theme, then I would finish off with a 2-3 song set where I do a bunch of styles to show the versatility of it.

Anyone else have experience with this kind of presentation? I see lots of topics about teaching to kids, but not to business programmers who have not really explored outside of enterprise systems.

@samaaron gave a talk on Sonic Pi at RubyConf 2017, which is a conference (primarily) for professional programmers:

And I did one at the same conference in 2015:

Hopefully these might give you some ideas? Good luck!