A specific and adapted keyboard for live-coding?

Hi, i want to know from you guys, what is the most adapted keyboard from your perspective of live-coder.

i have a lot of keyboards, for programming, but i feel, something can be better in terme of productivity, regarding real time and live coding, environment where you need to speed up and still be precise.

i also found some very interesting models, made for gaming, but i never tried those ones… like this nest image
or this

well, there is a lot of choice out there, but as i come from midi controllers and midi keyboards, i dont really know the difference between keyboards, in terms of efficiency

what do you think ?

sympa ton gaufrier ! (wafles maker)

hi, … lol, yes, some of them looks really strange to me but i am sure there is a specific keyboard to use to “speed up” coding for live performance… do you have any suggestions ? what are you using ?
:wink: have a nice day mate (tu es sur fb? ca m interesserai d etre en contact avec toi)


i don’t practice live coding too hard for my little brain. (pas FB du tout mais dm me si tu veux)

To minimize the possibility of typing mistakes, I want to get a clicky keyboard that’s compact (no numpad) with backlighting. I went to a computer store a few months ago and found a couple that I liked, but I forget the makes and models now. Web search at the time revealed they were popular gamer keyboards, including some by Razer. This info might help.

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