A Sonic Pi Sequencer

Hi guys!

Just wanted to share my project with you. It is a sequencer completely done in sonicPi, with several neat features. Sometimes it crashes, so don’t see this as version 2.0 - this is 0.something.beta.

See the complicated code here:

The most important thing to do would be do show it in action with a video, but I currently lack the technology to upload videos … but maybe i will add one the next days.

The main description is on the github readme, but - i doubt that that alone is helpful understanding whats going on, without the controller or a video.

Its more important for me to release the code, so other can comment or reuse parts of it - before it gets forgotten on my harddisk. But I promise I will work on a video.

in the meanwhile, I will optimize the code some more - so it does not stop from time to time because of time-travel-issues or running-out-of-space. The blink-Function is kinda crappy too and bugs out at higher bpm too…

well … at least its on github for you to see now.

Thanks for the great program once again. I will stay.

Thanks for reading,