Worlde Panda Mini MIDI controller on a Mac


I got a lovely Worlde Panda Mini keyboard for Christmas. Was really struggling to get the Pads working in Sonic Pi, they were playing on /midi:worlde___:0:10/note_on and the sync command just wouldn’t sync!

Anyway - downloaded the Panda mini software and reprogrammed the pads to channel 9 and they’re working a treat now - hope this helps anyone who has the same keyboard.

Thanks for the great software - happy 2021!

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Interesting - out of interest, what was the code you were using to sync on incoming MIDI messages prior to changing the pads to channel 9?

Hi - it was:
note, velocity = sync "/midi:worlde___:0:10/note_on"

Thanks for letting me know. I’m pretty sure this is a bug that has long been fixed in the development branch and will make its way into the upcoming v3.3 release. Glad you found a work-around for the meantime though!