Why does the seed seemingly get ignored?

Try changing the seed. It won’t change the output for some unfortunate reason.
How do I fix this?
Do one_in and choose even use the seed? If that’s the case, why don’t they and can I change this?

use_random_seed = 7

block = (ring)

3.times do
  beat = (ring)
  4.times do
    beat = beat + (ring one_in 2)
  puts beat
  block = block + (ring beat)

rythm = (ring)

8.times do
  rythm = rythm + block.choose

live_loop :main do
  sample :drum_snare_soft, on: rythm.tick
  puts range(0, 32).look
  sleep 0.25

Nvm I just added a “=” where I shouldn’t have put one