Which sample opts can we control?


Where can we find in the doc the available options we can control ?

Cheers !

Hi @nlb :slight_smile:
In the ‘Samples’ help section.
If you browse one of the sample categories, and scroll down to where it lists all the information about each sample opt, underneath where it describes what the opt is, are some comments listing the constraints and allowances that the opt has:

What you are interested in is one of these - if an opt is available to change with control, then it will have the message ‘May be changed whilst playing’ listed there.

(The same thing applies for Synth and FX in their parts of the documentation).


ok thank you @ethancrawford but wouldn’t it be better to have a more “visible” sign
Search with eyes the keyword "whilst " is a bit hazardous no ?
Is there a hope for a find command into spi gui ? It would be great to navigate among the different variables occurences as example or among serached keywords.

So to find the opts avaiable i think of using the tutorial online html version and ctrl + F

i didn’t find lot of things.

So is the lang part of the doc included into the gui is available online ?


No, only the tutorial is available online.

I would ideally like to see all of the documentation available online at some point, but whether that will happen is firstly up to Sam and whether he is happy with the idea, and then down to someone (or several people) having the time to work on it. Currently the online tutorial has a bit of manual work to transform it for web viewing - it would be great if there was a way to make it easy to reuse the documentation between the app and the web with the least amount of manual fiddling necessary :slight_smile:

ok does the doc included into the gui is in markdown format ?

The tutorial is initially present as markdown files, which are transformed into html when the app is built.
The other help sections are generated at the same time from various sources including some of the ruby files (synthinfo.rb).
As such it would currently not be a simple matter to generate all of the documentation for a web format with the same method - some work would need to be done to simplify things first.
(I have been thinking about a way to do something like this for a related issue - I would like to be able to have part or all of the documentation loaded in when Sonic Pi starts up, or while the app is running rather than compile-time).

ok thank you for these precisions !

i haven’t read correctly your post…

So a workaround is to ctrl + a the doc for the sample family and then paste into your favorite editor and ¢trl + F.

So now, i got another question : which parameters are available for external samples from other providers ?

It is the same for built in samples and external samples.