Are opts exposed if they are shown in a sonic-pi/etc/synthdefs/graphviz/pdf/?

Yeah, that was a tl;dr topic for sure, but…

In the case of say the Zawa synth, are the value names shown in the synthdef pdf like :pulse_width_slide_shape or :range_slide_curve exposed and available to change?

I’ve been poking (ok, nosing) around in Git to better understand Sonic-Pi and came upon the GraphVis diagrams of the synths and was wondering what more I could do.

Just curious

@dranz - do you mean, can you tell Sonic Pi to alter the value of the :zawa synth’s pulse_width_slide_shape: or range_slide_curve: opts?

The answer to that is yes, absolutely. You can tell this when looking at the documentation page for the :zawa synth, when looking at the descriptions of the range: and pulse_width: opts. They both have a label saying “Has slide options to shape changes” - this means that they automatically have corresponding *_slide_shape and *_slide_curve opts also.

In cases like these, though the slide opts are absolutely available, they do not show up in the autocompleting list that pops up in the editor when we start typing opts for a synth - it is however my desire that we eventually get around to including them there along with the more common opts.