Upcoming LiveCode.NYC shows Aug 19th & Sept 2nd

Hi Everyone,

For any of you living in or visiting the New York City area in the next few weeks, there will be two upcoming shows curated by Livecode.NYC, the New York City live coding artist collective. These shows will include Live Coded Music and Visuals. It is language agnostic but there will definitely be some Sonic Pi in the mix.

Both shows are at WonderVille in Bushwick, Brooklyn
1186 Broadway Brooklyn NY 11221

Saturday August 19th: Caturday
This show is a benefit for Flatbush Cats, a non-profit in Brooklyn specializing in Cat Rescue.
(edit note: This show has passed. You can watch the whole show here: Twitch)

Saturday Sept 2nd: dslgjksdlglj
Dont ask me how to pronounce the name of the show :man_shrugging:
In addition to local NYC live coders, this show will feature two international artists:
Rumble-San (UK) & Darch (DK)

It will also feature a set by me, Mister Bomb, live coding with Sonic Pi! Very excited. I go on around 10pm.

Hope to see you there! Show will be lived streamed on the WonderVille Twitch Channel
please let me know if you have any questions.

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