TR 09 MIDI setup

Hey guys!

I have a TR 09 Roland boutique drum machine. It has one output USB which can split over 4 different USB MIDI outputs. I want to try and get this setup with sonic pi a MIDI input for sonic pi.

If anyone has any experience or knowledge of doing this, i’d love to know!

well i don’t know your TR 09 but plug into your pc, start sonic pi, move some button on your tr 09 and see if you’ve got some messages into the logs of sonicpi

thanks! I’ve done that. At the moment all I get is the /midi/tr-09/0/clock

it’s a start :slight_smile:… Well that means spi receives some midi signals. but few… If you want to buy me a TR 09 private messaging me :pray: i may help you.
Seriously nothing into spi when you move some knobs ? Have you tried with other software ? Which os do you use ? which version of spi ? The Tr 09 doc ?