Tidal - your thoughts

Hi guys, not to be mean , but i think i hit the limitation of sonic pi for what i want to do. In my last posts u see that i wouldnt be able to add fx live, which is a pitty :(, so i am going to peak into tidal, it looks very intresting, what are ur thoughts on tidal?

Well ask on a tidal forum and see if tidal answer to your needs. :laughing:

Depends what you mean by that - it’s quite possible to add fx into Sonic Pi compositions while they’re running. Previously we were discussing the unavailability of smoothly sliding sample’s rate: or beat_stretch: - were there other use cases that you were thinking of as well? what’s missing for you?

well i want to controll all fx independently from the live_loop the sample/play 50 is in , without affecting the time of that live_loop, so the fx needs to be out of that live_loop, if i want to control the fx then i can do it like here:
(but that way i cant add new fx because they aren´t in a live loop and i can´t figure out how to put them in one, so the code works like i want it to)

with_fx :slicer, phase: 0.5 do |slice|
  live_loop :fx_control_modul do
    if tick(:firsttime) == 0 then
      set :slice, slice
    sleep 10
  live_loop :möp do
    play 50
    sleep 0.125

live_loop :control_fx do
  slices = get(:slice)
  sleep 2
  control slices, phase: 0.125
  sleep 2
  control slices, phase: 0.5
  sleep 2

Sure. Just out of curiosity, were you able to catch my set for COMMON? I demonstrate that very technique. (With fx internal to the live_loop being controlled by commands outside of the live_loop).

(It is obviously not possible with any kind of dedicated Sonic Pi command directly (yet :crossed_fingers:) , but still possible with a bit of Sonic Pi code).

well no i didn´t, u have created a thread with that info?
i will look into it! THANKS!

I’m in the process of writing things up. Will let folks know when it’s ready :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have decided that i stick with sonic pi, but in this version a can´t really live code, i can just adjust the code that is already written when pressed play, so i will compose with it… still fun

My thoughts are that Tidal is awesome and has its own unique characteristics and strengths. It also has a fundamentally different approach and philosophy towards live coding music compared to Sonic Pi.

I think it’s kind of like trying to compare a sax with a piano :slight_smile:


@holz I don’t know Tidal at all. But if it’s interesting things with samples you want, you could look at VCV Rack which is the other tool I’ve spent a lot of time on.

Ok, it’s not coding so if that’s your thing then sure stop now. But it is a very free form system too - if you can think of it, you can do it pretty much. Either someone’s thought of it and written a specific module or you can piece it together with basic modules. I’m using it A LOT for samples, and there’s a million things you can do.

thanks for your suggestions, i understood aaron comparison of tidal and sonic pi now, and he is right,
i think sonic pi is more musical in a sense of less experimental, so ill stick to sonic pi.
I will arrange the whole code and then adjust the paramters live.

i looked into modulars also vcv rack but it´s to complex for me xD i rather learn sonic pis language

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I use Sonic Pi and Tidal all the time. Some people like to stick to one thing, which is fine, but I like different instruments for different purposes. They are very different beasts, and both are fantastic instruments, equally capable, but with a very different approach.


totally agree, this post got me into tidal and so far my impression is that tidal was designed with patterns in mind and pi was made with a more “play what you want” philosophy. I think Alex McLean wrote tidal for himself and his style of music, and sam wrote sonic pi for everyone to learn and have fun with programming, and it shows on the different music that tidal makes compared to sonic.


A bit delayed :joy: but here we are:

Done, enjoy :slight_smile: