Thread death - can't create Thread: Not enough space

I’ve been running Sonic PI in a livestreaming setup where I use several live_loops for the sole purpose of generating midi data (7 loops). Unfortunately, Sonic PI only stays up for 6-8 hours before it dies with the error

`Runtime Error: [workspace_zero] - ThreadError Thread death +--> :live_loop_info_writer can't create Thread: Not enough space`

This is on a Windows 10 machine, 32GB of RAM.

Based on my reading this may be a RAM issue, but if it is then I’d consider this a bug report as Sonic PI shouldn’t be slowly consuming up to 24GB of RAM just to send midi data. If it’s not a RAM issue and Sonic PI is hitting some other sort of limit then I’d also consider it a bug report, but for a different reason.

That being said, I realize that I’m using Sonic PI in a somewhat non-standard way. Are there any recommendations for textual live-coding environments similarly suited for dealing with midi data (and eventually OSC messages)? My big reason for liking Sonic PI is the live looping system, as well as the built-ins for dealing with midi data (I’d really rather not have to deal with timing midi-on and midi-off messages manually). I’m not looking for something like PureData - while I know I could probably bend it to suit my needs my brain really doesn’t work that way for what I’m trying to do (have already tried it :))

Sounds like it might be the same issue as this.

I read through that thread (thanks for the link) and this specific comment seems to sum it up best - eventually my live_loops just die.