Text editing keyboard controls

I frequently stumble over some uncommon/missing text editing shortcuts (at least for a Windows user). The most frequent cases are:

  • Select all is Alt + A (Ctrl + A on Windows, but I see that this is already reserved for going to the start of the line, so probably no chance here…)
  • Ctrl + Backspace / Ctrl + Del to delete entire words is missing. “Fast navigation” with Ctrl + Arrows works, but having the same for deletions would be great!

Another thing that would be great for live coding is a shortcut to run only the selected code (or current line if nothing is selected), rather than the entire buffer. But that should probably go into a separate feature request.

Searchability of the current buffer would also be a very helpful feature (but again, Ctrl+F is already reserved).

I agree that the keys take some getting used to. As a note, Alt + Backspace does delete the preceding word, but the equivalent to Ctrl + Del is indeed missing.

I use an external Mac keyboard with my Windows laptop, and the shortcuts make sense because Alt is Command.

That said, I usually use VS Code as my code editor.

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Thanks for pointing out Alt + Backspace! I missed that so far. This will definitely help, although I will have to get used to it first.

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