Switching sonic-pi audio output to Windows standard Audio?


is there a chance to use standard Windows audio, so I could use an external bluetoth speaker (JBL Flip 4, connects with the profile Music) for amplifying the laptop a bit?

In the prefs I find only the volume slider, but no option to set where the audio should be routed to.

If it is not possible at all, I’d be happy to know so I could stop searching for it, otherwise I am grateful for any hint. The internal audio of my Yoga laptop is not really impressive…

I am using sonic-pi 3.1 portable on a windows 10 pro installation.

thank you,

One of my installs is 3.1.0 on Win 10. I am able to listen from bluetooth headphones. Here’s a caveat, and this is true of every platform, Sonic Pi can’t switch sound devices after the server has started. You want to have Windows already playing out of the bluetooth speaker before you start Sonic Pi and it should follow along. By the same token, if you turn off the bluetooth device, you’ll have to restart Sonic Pi to play out of the internal speakers again.

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Thank You! That hint solved my problem :slight_smile: