Some Bugs - bug report from Babushka

Hi Sam and all the other Sonic Pi developers! :slight_smile:

There are some bugs (or bug-ish things) that I have found while coding with Sonic

  • When connecting a Bluetooth device to my comp the sound output in Sonic doesn’t change

  • There is a little color problem when setting parameters:
    This is how it looks in Sonic pi app:

    play scale(:e4, my_scale).choose(), attack:0, sustain:0, release:0.25

i.e the colors are strangely blended in the app, unlike the syntax highlighting here in ‘in_thread’

I’m not sure if this bug report is made properly (i.e, right category, title or needed tags) so if there is something to improve/change I’d like to now.
In addition, please tell me if this report is useful and what can I do if I ever see another bug or something similar?

(All the bug reports above has been observed on Windows PC & v3.3.1 Sonic Pi version)

Plug your bluetooth before launching spi

Yeah, I know that this works, but what if I’m with headphones and I want to play something out loud?
Or the other way around, after using spi without headphones, connecting them without the need to reopen spi

Maybe use an external software : voice meeter if you are on window$. You will be able to choose the output audio device you want to hear.

something like that


for the A1 channel choose your speakers (for me is the usb interface Steinberg UR22mkII plugged to my M-audio speakers via rca cables)


for the A2 channel choose your bluetooth device (here i choose the hdmi output audio)


Hope it helps and wish you are on window$

Note that you got different drivers MME: or WDM, choose the best for you.


Just add that if you use the banana version of Voice Meeter, it would be easier to on/off the audio output you want.

Feel free to ask questions :slight_smile:

On both Windows and Linux you can do all that with Jack (also Pipewire on Linux). We have not tested on Mac.

Ideally, if everything is set up correctly, you get a diagram+graph with all the inputs and outputs and can patch them together, using virtual wires, however you wish.

Under Windows, VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device was used along with JACK2 and the Jack-router driver. On Ubuntu the Pipewire GUI is still under development but looks pretty nice in that all of your audio input and output devices, including Bluetooth, automatically dynamically appear on the graph, so it is painless to do stuff like eg simultaneously route Sonic Pi output to your Bluetooth headphones plus split off to a DAW input, browser tab A to Sonic Pi input, and DAW output to speakers.

Thanks for your feedbacks. But i guess @Babushka wanted to know if it’s possible directly inside Sonic Pi. So it’s not, we need another piece of sofware.

Is Jack on windows very handy ? stable ?

It is handy in the sense you can download it from and it installs and runs as documented. As for stability, it has not crashed on us, including when streaming over the LAN, but we did not engage in any real stress testing nor try all the different possible versions of Windows and drivers. I would test it out before relying on it in a critical application.

ETA as for

as far as I am aware, Sonic Pi just gives you 16 Supercollider inputs and outputs, it does not do any special audio routing and you have to use Jack or some other external application for that (or for something like taking live audio from an input, running that through an external VST effect and then feeding that into Sonic Pi). But it is possible that I am overlooking something?

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Hi! (a bit late reply)
Thanks for the answer, what version do u suggest? the banana or the regular one¿

Banana displays clearly the output devices A1 A2 A3 and you can mute them easily.

Little tip you can event map voice meeter buttons with note midi so you will be able to trigger them from sonic pi.

Good discover with voice meeter


Ok, I think that I understand in general what u saying. I’m very new to all this computer sound field, in particular all the sound servers or the sound mixers and to be honest didn’t quiet understood this whole line of the tip :sweat_smile:.
I would be glad to learn a bit more about all this stuff. Thank a lot for the help :))

Thanks for the answer, tried to understand how Jack works but very fast got very confused :woozy_face:
Maybe for now, as I’m not so advanced in this field, I’ll stick to voicemeeter witch as I understand, is simpler.
(Jack looks to me neat and very confusing at the same time :joy:)

Yes it is. Forget about my little tip, I will try to explain more clearly next week.

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