SP 3.3 beta on Ubuntu 18.04

Just for reference: Compiling SP on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS went smooth following the standard instructions. Only a few of things had to be done apart from this before compiling, nothing much to do with SP itself:

  • Build osmid (m20/o2m) apart and put it in $SP_HOME/app/server/native/osmid.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is slowly getting a little outdated, so Erlang has to be updated to 23 at least, otherwise one gets the init terminating in do_boot thing from Erlang. I have uninstalled it and then followed these instructions to get the new version.
  • Update cmake. I uninstalled the old one and got the new version like so:
    sudo apt remove cmake
    sudo snap install cmake --classic

Those were the additional dependencies in my case. I have noticed that my MIDI paths change, but who cares …

Edit: Per @ethancrawford’s remark struck out the osmid part.

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FYI, with v3.3, osmid has been completely replaced with an all-new MIDI subsystem - so that bit at least is unnecessary :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, cool, that explains why I get different MIDI messages.

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Hi there ;D
Why cmake over snap ? I use Linux Mint 20.1, there have banned snap from your system. Ok, I know, how I can actived snap, but then why cmake over snap or not over ppa ?

Seemed the quickest way to me :slight_smile: although I don’t like snap much either. ppa would probably be better, but I think I’m moving over to 20.04 soon.

Ok, which version from cmake is reqired ?

Oh, I don’t remember now, I have now 3.19.2 and that works well. I seem to remeber that Ubuntu 18.04 has 3.10.something and that did not work.

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