Sound_out issues

I’m using Loopback on mac to route Sonic Pi into Reason for further mixing and sidechaining. It seems that any channel I output always gets send to the first stereo pair (1/2) as well. So I have to start sending outputs at 3 to keep them isolated. Even when I’m sending to outputs 3 or 4 those also get summed into the 1/2 outputs. Anyone else seeing this using an audio interface or is this possibly an issue with Loopback?

Hi @bendedavis,

could you share the code you’re using to do this?


live_loop :amen do
  if $hits == nil
    $hits = 0
  with_fx :sound_out, output: 3 do
    sample :bd_haus, rate: 0.2*choose([1,2,4]), amp: 1, compress: 1, sustain: 0, decay: 0.2
  with_fx :sound_out, output: 4 do
    sample :sn_generic, rate: rrand(-2,-0.1)*3, sustain: 0, decay: 0.8, compress: 1, amp: 0.7
    if $hits>3
      sample :drum_snare_hard, rate: 1.2, sustain: 0, decay: 0.2, amp: 0.6
      $hits = 0
    $hits = $hits + 1
    sleep choose([1,2,3,4])*0.09

Probably due to what @samaaron explained here

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makes sense. Thanks alot!