Sonic Pi OSC with REAPER

nlb, thank you :wink:

Hypostatic thank you very much for your detailed tutorial, I’m sure it will help me a lot.
Yeah, when I get it working I’ll let you know.
I may have been a bit hasty, the anxiety of seeing quick results is intense.
I will continue to study patiently.
Thank you all very much :wink:

Interesting - I’m not sure why you might not be able to edit your post - I don’t see any blocks on your account :man_shrugging:
I know I certainly can edit very old posts. It’s possible that certain levels of user account may lose post editing ability after a certain time, but I don’t know personally looks like that is indeed the case… the limit is currently 30 days for your account level.
As far as the ideal way to share knowledge, what you have been doing seems fine to me :slight_smile:

I can certainly identify with this… for me it applies just as much to things such as adding new features to Sonic Pi as a developer :joy: - there are so many interesting and fun things I want to add in (which I am sure is just as much the case for others on the core team :smiley:) and I am often recognising the need to focus more on things which bring the most value rather than just the most fun :joy:
Slowly but surely however, as we focus on the things which seem lower level, even if they do not bring immediately visible rewards, they ultimately contribute on the journey towards such things :grin: small steps!

Totally understandable! I definitely encourage you to keep reading through the tutorial and playing around with the examples there. Don’t try to rush through it all either :wink: I feel that even if it takes a while, the more you focus on absorbing each particular topic, play around with the code, the more it will begin to make sense - and you may find that as you learn, you’ll begin to pick new things up even easier as time passes :slight_smile:

Do feel free to keep asking questions! If it helps, I find that it’s definitely useful to have a read about a certain topic first if you can, (certainly ask around if you’re not sure where to look), and then, the more specific your questions are, the easier it might be to help you along :+1:

Thank you very much for your encouragement, your empathy and your sensitive words.
I will do so, complicated things are worth your time, effort and perseverance.


This is amazing. I just started getting into all of this, and I’ve chosen Reaper and Open-Stage-Control and now Sonic Pi as my weapons of choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to play with this!

@keith - Glad to hear! Let me know how it works and we can share notes. I’m always worried I didn’t put enough or had errors in my explanation above, but I did get it working and know it’s possible.

Theoretically, and if I were a smarter person, it would be totally possible to build and name tracks via OSC in REAPER and other OSC supported Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) from SP. Not sure if that’s possible with procedural Sonic Pi code or not (but where there is a will there is a way). I tend to just ‘brute-force’ things to some degree for the immediate need.

as learning piano, guitar or any instrument as sonic pi :slight_smile:

Could you tell me how to route this with black hole too? I’ve no clue on getting this done, and I’m not seeing super collider in the options to rout it to reaper…

And I’m too poor to buy Loopback :sweat:

Otherwise, massively impressed by your post! :smiley: