Building Ableton style session view For midi note triggering?

Hi everyone hope you’re doing well and staying safe, thanks for your kind help so far.
As many of you may know Ableton has a session view, which allows you to trigger audio clips on the fly in sync with each other. Currently this is not accessible to me as I’m totally blind
I have this hardware midi controler :

Using this hardware controller and sonic-pi would it be possible to build an Ableton style session view to trigger MIDI notes instead of audio, I would then load audio loops into reaper’s sampler and use the Sonic Pi program to trigger them. Please could somebody tell me if this would be possible thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @soundwarrior,

if you’re looking to use Sonic Pi to receive MIDI events from your MIDI Fighter 64 and then send different MIDI events out to Reaper, then that should be possible - although working with virtual MIDI ports (MIDI connections between two pieces of software) seems to be a bit of a dark art.

Essentially you just need a live_loop set to use_real_time which is calling sync on the incoming MIDI Fighter events you care about and then sending out other specific midi events to a MIDI port that Reaper is listening on.

Something like the following should be a good start (obviously adjusting the MIDI paths to ones that match your system)

live_loop :foo do

  n, v = sync "/midi/path/to/midifighter/note_on"
  midi_cc 60, v, port "midi_port_reaper_is_listening_to"


Of course, you could also use Sonic Pi to play the audio samples (which would likely be even easier to achieve) if there’s not something very specific you need Reaper to do with the audio.

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