Sonic Pi in a cluster

I am dreaming about implementing something like Phil Specktors Wall of Sound on a sonic pi, but i am afraid of threads lagging. And i heard of those clusters and they seem like something to put my threads into. Does anyone know if that might work?

Without looking at your code, it is hard to say how powerful a CPU or how many cores you may need to run it, but if you need to then it is possible to sync multiple nodes using Ableton Link, and they can communicate with each other and even stream audio over the LAN.

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I dunno about ableton, but yeah, using osc over wifi network sounds reasonable enough.

Ableton works ok over wifi, you may need to compensate for the latency if it is large, though, and check that the machines are playing at the same time. You also get latency associated with the audio drivers and other hardware and software you have set up.